To qualify for a year end award the horse (rider in equitation & showmanship) must have pinned in its respective class/division in at three different shows. NOTE: Double judged shows count as TWO shows.
** If your class/division has commonly not been held three times, MHA encourages you to contact show managers for inclusion of your class/division. Sponsorships of such are generally appreciated.

2017 Point System


A. Classes judged either collectively or individually (regular, stake & championship)
  1. Points shall be based on the number of eligible entries in the class.
  2. Classes with four (4) or fewer [eligible] entries shall start with 4 and decrease by one for each placing.
  3. Classes with five (5) or more [eligible] entries shall start with the number in the class and decrease by one for each placing.
  4. Note: MHA requires that six places be pinned.
  5. Each placing entry in a Championship class shall have its points doubled.
  • In addition, each placing entry in all classes shall receive Bonus Points based on the Rating of the show as follows:
Class AA = 5 points Class A = 4 points Class B = 3 points Class C = 2 points Class D = 1  
(Show Ratings are based on the amount of money the show offers.)
B. Awards [at the show] based on points earned in respective divisions
  1. This applies to Show Champion/ Reserve Champion in Hunter and Jumper divisions.
  2. This applies to In Hand Championships in which only first & second place winners in qualifying classes are eligible to show.
  3. Champion and Reserve Champion shall be awarded points according to the following table:
  AA A B C D
Show Champion 10 8 6 4 3
Reserve Show Champion 8 6 4 3 2